Sneak peek at the next mini image set

Apr 26, 2019

Which post light setup do you prefer?

I've been thinking about doing a mini image set in a completely different environment for a while. Now, we're finally gonna do it! We're taking the plunge into a parallel universe far away from fantasy kingdoms and magic. The new setting has got a modern, futuristic feel to it and it's filled with neon lights. This is a preview of the scene :D

The story opens with a blonde rich girl cruising through the city on a sleek, fancy ride. She's looking for someone and it turns out to be an edgy punk girl with blue hair and badass tattoos. Can you recognize the girls? :D Main themes for this set are going to be hot outdoor sex :P

There's no official name for the new set yet. For now we've dubbed it Cyber Punk but Neon City could be an option too. If you have a nice idea for a cool name, leave your suggestion in the comments!

We're currently working on the first batch of images and planning to start posting in May, so keep your eyes peeled :D

Lighting poll

I played a bit with the post lighting setup for the scene and created 3 different versions. Which style do you prefer? :D

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