Terminal Combat Island Stage1 Arguments

Nov 30, 2021

Contrary to Popular Belief the Vamps FIRST have a discussion...

Yes part 1 is rehashing the issue that bought about this BIG PRIVATE FIGHT to the probable DEATH!

The Vamp on the left   is a VampSud Light, Zakrason-Zeekaka   

On the right is a Vamp Nord Dark, Xyzelabayaya-LaBoomaBombash 

both are Vamp Privateers and lay claim to the same exploratory zone for Ancient Alien Artifacts 

Big $$$ at stake.  Both Ladies could buy themselves a small village of two legged BloodBags to last them

a thousand years. 


Part 2, failing to resolve their argument, the next is a combo fuck fight tongue fight.

never resolves anything normally, but it is the last fuck either of them may ever get. 

Part 3 is a NO Fangs NO pumkin cutting claws free for all MMA style catball catfight wrestle mania


PART 4 is scarry to watch with basically blood everywhere. full fangs claws eye balls hands and eventually A HEAD 

comes flying off. 


Then the winner basically eats the loser. 


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