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Dec 09, 2021


Full Video is up here now;

Full Animated Video HERE >>>

The final bloody clawing rotating smashing biting

conjoined catball leaves both Rox and Gabby exhausted

as they slow their rotation then uncouple into the deconstructed mess of a once

classic office entrance/mini-foyer. 

Both now prone while starring with hate filled eyes into the other's clawed up bloody gaze, but 

with both knowing this is not over

Then in the middle of the rytmic heaving heart pounding cheast heaving paired breaths

Gabiella seems to pop a tiny pink pill into her mouth, then proceeds to rub her own clit

faster and faster.

Then to Roxanne's shock and Gabby's

delight [and as planned], her clit turns into an errect stiff

cock with Roxy's name on it.

In a panic Roxy quickly rolls over onto her stomach to press up and flee the pecker that is about to deck her ...

but too late, she feels the penetration of Gabby's new nano bot toy

as she now squirms and rolls about with Gabby humping her ass and puss ... 

first one hole then the other while whispering threatening sweet nothings

in Rox's ear.

"I got you now cunt, not only your husband's cock and ass are now mine, but so it your ASS!" 

Gabby had purchased for the darling Hubby a new strap on type system.  Roxy's Daddy
loved to get banged up the butt, but but only by girls not boys LOL.
Now Roxy was getting her taste ... her lesson in the final hour of this day night office wrecking home wrecking catfight from hell.  

After banging Rox up the ass

Gabby rolled her limp flailing useless fightless body onto her scratched bleeding fake-sperm covered back and proceeded to fuck her missionay style while starting off with a well placed gob of spit into Rox's open mouth.

The final insult came as Gabby took a final deep mounted form a-top of Rox while mauling one of her prized nipples, nearly biting it off while she chewed away like a hungry 145 pound baby. 

Gabby then pulled out and came all over the limp lifelss body of one Roxanne, who shall awaken to a fake but very real pasty white and very sticky covering, and with the taste of sea salt in her mouth. 

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