Troll Trouble 32

Jun 22, 2021

Krystal's tiny hand clenched into a fist and an explosive shudder wracked her body as her womanhood clamped down hard like a sheath around the man's rod. This caused the huntsman to shout out, his eyes clenching as his manhood began to throb, pumping his seed deep into the elven lass's depths.

In that instant somehow Krystal knew that she would bear this man's bastard child. She had kindled as elves do when their nature is awakened with a proper mate. Recognition, they called it. Their body's essential aknowledgement of having encountered someone to have a child with. Her lips pursed and she cood, whimpering as her body was flooded with this human's fertile seed.

Rendered in DAZ Studio; G8F; G8M; Iray Render

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