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Dec 20, 2019

Princess Arielle shows off just how flexible she is. We Cerene approves. :) These are previews of part 3 of Lady of the Tower

Parts 4 and 5 are in the works, so we're nearing the conclusion of this image set. If you want to collect all of the images we've created so far, head over to my Patreon! All of our image sets are available to patrons starting at Founders Tier 1. Lady of the Tower will also be released in the Affect3D Store around the end of December - will keep you posted! - so you can also buy it there if you prefer. 

Lady of the Tower - Credits 

Look Development (Environment) - Lord KventoWoush 
Look Development (Outfits)

  • Arielle - Lord Kvento 
  • Cerene - Lord Kvento

Lighting Artist - Lord Kvento

Key Posing Artist - Lord Kvento 

Previews of recent works down below:

Lady of the Tower 

Arielle + Dragon Promos | Cerene vs Dragon Promos | Access Denied | Open Wide | Magic of Boob Expansion | The Deeper The Better

Love Thy Neighbor- Store Link

Getting frisky in the car | Watch Me | Wandering Hands | The More The Merrier | Store Release Promos

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