Unloading it all

Apr 12, 2020

Heyo peeps! 

First off..... all 3 are there, my model isn't visible from the angles I wanted to get :D might render out another though I didn't change the post too much so I'm not sure, at any rate if I end up doing so I shall add it to this when done :) 

Must say I really did enjoy making this pose same with how the end result (with next to no post work on any of these) came out. Only thing I would do if I re-render is dialing back on my camera DOF levels, some of the blur is a little to strong. 

As request while I had something similar in mind I did add a noticeable belly bulge to Katt from all Jade's gooey goodness :)

Any I do render out angle wise I shall add here as mostly stated above so if you do like these do come check back in a day or 2 for more :) chance are one behind Jade's butt. 

Ideas for next pose or what to do are welcomed :) (lost my notes on the plane I had lol )

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