Veronique - Dinner Date

Nov 07, 2019

All Models Depicted Are 18+ She also tastes great without any sauce needed.

It was a Thursday and raining and the girls were...well lets be honest...annoying the shit out of me. I don't know why. They just were. Too much talk talk giggle giggle squeal squeal shoosh girls, just shoosh.

I gathered them all up said I love them all dearly and there isn't a single one of them I don't think about in the shower and told them to get out of the house.

Pack some nice things, pack their makeup and other 'consumables' and be ready to get on the helicopter by lunch time.


I had booked a entire holiday Villa and told them they were all off to St Tropez to get drunk, gamble away money, I should say, and engage in whatever randy fantasies they wished (just don't get pregnant) and don't come home until Monday.

Self serving purposes aside, this went down as the greatest idea ever and within three short hours it was all quiet aside from the fading whump whump whump of the helicopter...ahh such peaceful, blissful silence.

That evening was spent alone, pant less and enjoying a dram or two of my secret Whiskey stash (secret because if Ana ever spots it, it's gone) before spreading out in bed, hogging all the sheets and farting to my heart's content.

Friday was spent in pretty much the same way with less flatulence (but only just) until the phone rang.

"Oh, Hello V. Did you not go with the others?"

"No, I don't really drink a lot or gamble so I stayed behind for some peace and quiet"

"Amen to that, my dear. What can I do for you?"

"Well. Since we are both alone, I'd like to invite you up for dinner."

"You can cook?"

"Yes, very well in fact."

"Ooo a hidden talent! Consider your invitation accepted."

"Excellent. Come up around six. I'll be ready by then."

"See you then."

Dinner with Veronique. Sounded good to me. It's hard to get some of my girls alone for a bit of one on one time when there is half a dozen or more others milling around. And if she can really cook? Well, I can't, so the reduced risk of food poisoning is always a positive.

I put the whiskey away, bad manners to show up for a date wasted and picked a bottle of wine out of the cellar (nothing to say we can't get wasted post meal) and got myself washed and ready.

I arrived at V's house and knocked, entering when I heard her faint call telling me to come in.

"Did you bring wine?"

"I sure did."

"Kitchen is to the left, second door. You'll find some ice. I'll be just a few minutes."

I found the kitchen and ice and did my duty then returned to the entry way. I had not been in Veronique's family villa before, only in the grounds for a couple of shoots. It was older than mine, smaller but just as grand. Her family obviously had money and everything was well kept. I did not know my way around so waited where I was. It was only a few minutes when V, true to her word, called out again.

"Everything is ready! End of the hall, right and 3rd door."

Well, the dining room seems a fair distance from the kitchen I thought to myself as I follow directions. At the third door I entered.

Hmm. Dining room also looks a lot like a bedrooOOooOoooooooo....Good Lord!

"Hi" Veronique said.


"I was hoping for that sort of response."


"Nice surprise?"

"Oh, very much so. Is this what you call dinner?"


"Well if you ever open a restaurant, let me know, yeah."

"You can count on it. Now, are you going to eat or what?"



I think I ate about nine times by sundown. Some of it was actual food. And yes she is a bloody brilliant cook.

Veronique. From Voyeur to Vixen.

Digital vaginas can sometimes cause issues like that fleeting sense of shame after rubbing one out lookin....errrr technical issues that is. This was one of those moments. I think I recovered it admirably though.

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