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Jun 21, 2019

Sophia knows the key is not to rush it but to build some anticipation before slamming it. :) Hope you like these previews of part 5 of the Cyber Punk series. We've hit a pretty number of 80 images total now, but I've decided to go through with making a part 6 to conclude this series. I'm also thinking of releasing this set in Affect3D store when it's completed. I'll keep you updated on that. :) 

Love Bite - released in the store!
Speaking of releases, I've just released a previously Patreon-exclusive mini image set in Affect3D Store called Love Bite, featuring Cerene and Lanessa. Yes, there's a vampire bite in it. Yes, there's a dickgirl 69 in it, so glad you asked! :D Also comes with a 20-second, looping sex animation of the 69. Go check it out in the store! 

As usual, check out my Patreon if you're interested in checking out the full Cypunk set thus far and supporting my art. Tier 1 subscribers get access to this set, plus the older ones which you can preview using the links below:

Cypunk Set

Cyber Punk Sophia Wants to Fuck Cerene | Don't Mind Them | Trust Me, It's Safe | Pump It

Circle of Love Set

Circle of Love | Gift of pleasure | Polishing Sophia's cock | Going in | Sharing is caring | Taking charge | Dickgirl Train 

For my latest work you can visit my Patreon or Affect3D Store. Leave me a comment, like, fav, or list below to let me know what you think of this part! :D 

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