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Nov 01, 2021

Good Morning!

Jul 29, 2021

old times

Aug 15, 2020

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for giving me your time and energy looking through my work - I understand most of you come here for the X part in 3DX so I get that my work is not necessarily as exciting. I just wanted to clarify my purpose for using this channel, and it's that I really enjoy the creation of this work and definitely want to dabble in the line of 3DX but at the same time I thoroughly enjoy narrative/story driven stuff as I feel it then has more purpose and you can bond with the characters better, provided they are written and justified properly. 

Because of this, I really want to use this channel to be able to post my work as I develop the models for my characters, and snippets of the random stuff that I do whether it be erotic or not, I hope this is okay. If any mods are reading this and are against it please do feel free to let me know, as I don't want to be filling your time and website with stuff that is unwelcome.

Thanks heaps again,

Hope you enjoy what I make!




Jun 29, 2020

a face study

Jun 19, 2020