The 2nd Rebirth of Forensa

Jan 21, 2020

The first official mini-episode of Pornism. It is Pornism Year 426 and Forensa the Twinned Flame has returned from death for the second time.

She has betrayed and has been betrayed. And her second coming is certainly not without consequence. For every breath of life is only fueled by the souls from Hades' well.  Every soul will yeild another breath and with every breath Forensa will experience a spiritually powerful orgasm. Over and over and over. Eventually destined to be returned to the well of Hades. How will Forensa use her second chance with such limited time and a crippling curse.

**Pornism Chronicles will weave in and out of the timeline with every episode. 

Download Here(optional):!IVt1USAJ!t_LXGneC5HAs4AJMLYsj51rOYrK_fjXP4rSW1hWrPnI

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