vamX 1.5 - Animated Story, Male & Female Looks, Chair View

Feb 11, 2021

New 'You are a Virgin Male' Story with female animation for 1.20.77. Added system to be able to incorporate 1.20.77 animtions into vamX.

2 New Pages of Male Looks. 14 new quick launch looks from SCAMP, Sharr, XRWizard, WeebU and others. Includes fantasy (orc, toon) and a FUTA / trans look. Also includes 30 new unique vamX generated males.

Greatly improved random male (and female) look generation, with a huge amount of new variety, as well as improved eyes from Hunting-Succubus. All male looks are now integrated into the vamX package (not in AddOn Packages). This allows them to be used in look generation, and reduces the need for AddOn packages to have a sufficient variety of male looks.

Look generation can be used to generate random FUTA (female with penis) looks. To generate random new FUTA looks, choose the last male looks (a FUTA look) then go to Other -> Create New Looks & Scenes (and create new looks for everyone or the Male).

Created Rotate World button in the Pose tab. This button allows you to be sitting in a chair, but use poses that would normally require you to physicall lie on your stomach or back. Pressing Rotate World cycles through 3 possible camera/world rotations. The first press rotates so that you are angled facing down. This allows you to feel like you are lying on top of the woman, or lying on your back (and align the penis and pussy), even if though you are sitting in your chair.  The second button press switches the rotation angle. This allows you, in the default scene, to be positioned as if you were eating her out while she was lying on her back, etc. The third press restores the normal camera rotation. Changing scenes also restores the normal camera rotation.

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