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Nov 02, 2020

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for waching and suport my work.

BigDickCity is a one man project that i´m working on and will soon it will be released on Patreon.

But what is BigDickCity?

It´s a virtual world based on a fictional California where the day is always sunny and where the possibilities are endless...

Some things you will find on BigDickCity:

Sex, lots of sex in all imaginable and unimaginable ways... :), Humor, Violence, Beauty, Drama, etc..

But who are the characters in this city?

Porn Actress( Milfs,Teens, Bimbos, etc),  - Reformer porn actress(Milfs, Bimbos, Teens) fictional characters, - Real Life porn actress( reformer and active).  

Porn producers , Gangs (Blacks,Whites, Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, etc ) Drug dealers, Mobsters, prostitutes, Dancers, Pimps, Teachers, ordinary: Housewives, Teens, Milfs , Older women(black, white), Older man(black,white), etc...

I love to create characters and give them personality and identity. There´s over 300 originals characters in the BigDickCity, each of them with their name, personality and function.

For those who like my Millenna character( Drunna,Serpieri) tribute. Will also have exclusive content of her.

If this type of material interests you, just follow me here and when the page is up i will send you a message. Together i´ll send a link with a short history (prologue)(BigDickCity/Millenna/Druuna) for you to see if you like the content.

PS: All characters are over 18!


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