On this page you'll find a list of changes we have made to Slushe. This list includes new site features and bug fixes. New features are denoted by a New tag and bug fixes are denoted by a Fixed tag. To view more detailed information about the site changes, you can click the links to read the corresponding Development Update. If you find anything that needs improving, please tell us via the bug-suggestions channel on our Discord. Your suggestions always are appreciated, although it may take us some time to take care of them.

VER. 1.2.7 (2022/05/06)

1044. Fixed. When multiple images are uploaded at the same time, they're processed faster.

3031. Fixed. Updated New List and Edit List forms with proper tags format.

4035. Fixed. Bug that caused text in between quotes (“) to be erased.

4047. Fixed. Improved Disable Comments functionality.

3035. Fixed. Reset the default notification settings for new and existing users.

1008. New. Rich Text Editor.

3024. New. Added ability to select (preferred) user time zone.

7010. New. Disabled Forum completely.

VER. 1.2.6 (2022/02/22)

4002. New. Discontinued the Select Filter function in Post Media.

4004. New. Ability to disable comments on posts.

7010. New. Replaced Forum with Discord link in Main Menu.

6007. New. Improved hover-effect on thumbnail images in Gallery View.

1026. Fixed. Bug: comments appeared multiple times if SEND was clicked repeatedly.

3029. Fixed. Bug: users who disabled email notification for Lists still received mails.

3030. Fixed. Compose in Mailbox allowed Blocker and Blocker User to still message each other.

8006. Fixed. Multi-image counter icon shows on List posts in Blog View.

VER. 1.2.5 (2021/12/31)

3023. Fixed. Disabled user’s content still displays publicly.

3025. Fixed. Site notifications for new followers.

4003. Fixed. Save original media file’s name + download button.

4043. Fixed. Wrong notification when viewing private and deleted posts.

4045. Fixed. IP issue with not being able to vote in polls.

5014. Fixed. Watermark reminder in Post Editor.

6005. Fixed. Make the entire Homepage banner clickable.

VER 1.2.4 (2021/11/17)

641. Fixed. Added drop shadow to Slushe watermark’s URL text.

662. Fixed. Increased window size of Message text box.

6001. Fixed. Improved search results page’s filtering options.

VER 1.2.3 (2021/09/24)

1001. New. Switched to Cloudflare Stream to upload videos to Slushe.

3004. New. Added user ability to disable private messaging. Please note that Admins can always message you.

4011. New. Added suggested tags and categories to the post editor based on user activity.

669. Fixed. Conversion of animated GIFs to webp format to save storage space.

2012. Fixed. Resizing images and GIFs proportionally based on file location to save storage space.

4001. Fixed. Added ability to schedule a deadline for polls and to end poll voting manually via post editor.

4039. Fixed. Bug that caused uploading multiple image files at once to fail. Please note that you can upload up to 100 images at once.

4041. Fixed. GIFs no longer break when a watermark is applied. However, please note that you cannot apply a watermark to GIFs at this moment due to technical difficulties. Even if you tick the checkbox and upload a GIF, it will appear without a watermark.

4042. Fixed. Wrong notification text for deleted / private post.

5002. Fixed. Tooltip texts of LIKE and FAVORITE buttons.

5003. Fixed. GIFs with transparency.

5012. Fixed. Issue with being able to vote multiple times in a poll.

8001. Fixed. Issue with long usernames overlapping with Publishing Date on mobile phones.

8002. Fixed. Image counter icon’s visibility on mobile phones.

8003. Fixed. Notifications’ counter position on mobile phones.

VER 1.2.2 (2021/01/27) 

467. New. Thumbnail image optimization for Homepage and profile Timeline / Blog feeds.

658. New. Added Resend Verification button on Login page. 

660. New. Added on-page Lists notifications in the comments section.

631. Fixed. Reverted reCAPTCHA to v1.

645. Fixed. Added a pink border around the search engine box to increase visibility.

647. Fixed. User registration verification email.

652. Fixed. Artist's ability to disable List notifications.

659. Fixed. Added 1000 images limit to Lists post.

688. Fixed. Polls don’t allow multiple votes per user anymore.

VER 1.2.1 (2020/10/16)

221. New. List feature.

571. New. Ability to block user accounts.

597. Fixed. Slushe image posts and video posts now show a preview thumbnail image of the posts when they’re linked in a Tweet on Twitter.

610. Fixed. Made it so users shown in Favorite Users are displayed from most recently added to least recently added.

611. Fixed. Removed ‘new’ notification from Slushe watermark feature.

612. Fixed. Made it so Similar Posts Same Categories show more recent posts first.

613. Fixed. Optimized the search results queries to improve the site speed.

616. Fixed. Changed the way Slushe processes video dimensions so videos with various dimensions display better on the media pages.

625. Fixed. Bug that prevented DeviantArt links from showing on user profile.

633. Fixed. Delay in processing updates made to existing posts.

VER 1.2.1 (2020/05/09)

342. New. Redesigned the search results page to include results for both posts and artists.

351. New. Added a pop-up window to the user profile that shows their followers.

526. New. Added a star icon to each profile avatar to tell admins whether an artist permits Slushe to use their artwork in Media Highlights.

601. New. Restructured the sections of the user profile settings.

443. Fixed. Made the confirmation popup after clicking ‘Like’ and ‘Favorite’ buttons appear faster.

463. Fixed. Bug that caused Slushe to show images with low width as page-filling on the media page.

482. Fixed. Made it so users who unsubscribe from the newsletter see the ‘sign up’ button again on the Homepage.

530. Fixed. Functionality of the Regenerate thumbnail images feature in the admin panel.

554. Fixed. User login issues on Homepage.

565. Fixed. Bug that caused Text post search results to appear in order of oldest to most recent instead of most recent to oldest.

556. Fixed. User login issues on Login page.

567. Fixed. Readability of links on the Page Not Found page.

568. Fixed. Notification for users that have no posts on their Favorites page.

570. Fixed. Lots of duplicates in the Similar Posts Same Categories section.

575. Fixed. Minor error in Likes Achievements badge.

583. Fixed. Profile banner display for multiple screen dimensions.

592. Fixed. Added artist name to browser tab title.

594. Fixed. Bug that caused thumbnail images to display at incorrect size.

598. Fixed. Links to user profile pages in the Favorite Users section. 

599. Fixed. Responsiveness of the pink overlay when user hovers over thumbnail image.

600. Fixed. Ability to reset categories image cache for admins. 

VER 1.2.1 (2019/12/31)

244. New. Added a TEXT post option to the post editor.

451. New. Added a page filter to the Notifications page.

504. New. Added a Manage Posts option to the User Menu so artists can manage their public, private and disabled posts.

70. Fixed. Revised ‘no notifications received yet’ message on user’s notification page.

441. Fixed. Added a spinner icon to indicate the page is reloading when the user refreshes the Post Media form.

458. Fixed. Added an option for admins to filter posts that don’t have any categories associated with them.

462. Fixed. Added a notification to user registration success page to notify user they must check their Spam folder if they do not see a ‘user verification email’ in their inbox.

480. Fixed. Bug that showed pagination twice at the bottom of the Messages page.

506. Fixed. Ajax Homepage scrolling behaviour when user logs in via Homepage.

510. Fixed. Added info text on how to use the Slushe watermark feature.

512. Fixed. Layout of ‘Manage Settings’ button. 

533. Fixed. Typo in the ‘email verification sent’ notification.

534. Fixed. Responsiveness of the drop-down page filter on the Notifications page.

540. Fixed. Made the pink overlay that appears when user hovers over thumbnail image smaller to cover less of the preview image.

547. Fixed. Realigned site notification settings to be positioned right next to the email notification settings to increase visibility. 

551. Fixed. Added a direct link inside each Forum comment to make copy-pasting and referencing comments easier.

552. Fixed. URL path of video posts.

555. Fixed. Added more spacing between posts on the search results page when viewed in Fixed Width Blog View.

556. Fixed. Typo in notification that asks user to wait x seconds before flagging a post.

562. Fixed. Error in site post publishing date.

VER 1.2.0 (2019/10/21)

412. New. Added an icon to denote image posts that contain multiple images in Gallery View and Blog View. Icon displays the number of images inside the post.

490. New. Added page navigation to the latest works, favorite works and favorite users sections in user profile. Added page navigation to similar posts same artists and similar posts same category on the media pages. 

491. Fixed. Replaced the ‘subscribe to newsletter’ button with a simpler button in the footer. 

499. Fixed. Pagination on the Artists page.

501. Fixed. Made the watermark checkbox opt-in instead of pre-selected.

502. Fixed. Pagination in the Notifications section of the User Settings. 

503. Fixed. Added a ‘You followed <username>’ notification to Notifications in the User Settings to track who you’ve followed. 

519. Fixed. Watermark checkbox will remember the last setting you saved. 

VER 1.1.9 (2019/09/20)

163. New. Added an option to watermark images in Image & Poll posts.

331. New. Replaced homepage gallery page numbers with infinite scroll.

344. New. Added user achievement for Likes received on posts.

345. New. Added user achievement for Followers reached.

346. New. Added user achievement for Comments received and given.

347. New. Added user achievement for Views received on posts.

447. New. Added Google CAPTCHA that no longer requires user to solve math problems.

476. New. Twitter link in footer.

493. New. Added ‘Go to top’ button to homepage gallery. 

495. New. Achievements overview page. 

390. Fixed. Enabled reuploading the same video files.

391. Fixed. Enabled downloading videos without opening the video in a new browser tab.

397. Fixed. ‘Reply with Quote’ feature in the Forum.

450. Fixed. Bug in pagination of Lists.

455. Fixed. Login page design.

456. Fixed. Signup page design.

459. Fixed. Save settings for Title and Categories in post Editor mode.

460. Fixed. Number of selectable categories in Select Category in post Editor mode. 

461. Fixed. Responsiveness of comments box on mobile devices.

467. Fixed. Incorrect publishing dates on existing posts.

468. Fixed. Categories display.

470. Fixed. Added 'I have read and I agree to Slushe's Site Rules and Privacy Policy' checkbox to Registration page.

471. Fixed. Bug that messed up category display settings for new users.

487. Fixed. Bug in pagination of Inbox. 

492. Fixed. Bug in homepage galleries. 

496. Fixed. Comments counter in Profile Stats.

497. Fixed. Bug that caused messages not to send. 

VER 1.1.8 (2019/08/08)

272. New. Implemented 12 hour time limit on email verification for new user accounts.

293. New. Ability to resize Post Media window.

354. New. Shortcut for admins to feature posts.

368. New. Shortcut to category display manager in Categories header.

375. New. Checkbox for permission to use artwork in Slushe's blog posts and social media.

422. New. Notification with time stamp if comment was edited.

446. New. Notification in Add Category section for admins.

50. Fixed. Changed the format of 'My favorite lists' to be the same as the 'My favorite works' block.

422. Fixed. Image views by post owner are not counted.

425. Fixed. Post Media shortcuts are only visible to logged in users.

427. Fixed. Flag tool only accessible to logged in users.

429. Fixed. Post Media shortcuts location.

430. Fixed. New category display settings.

431. Fixed. About page now says 'open beta'.

433. Fixed. Moved 'send' button for comments down so it doesn't overlap with text.

434. Fixed. Video encoder.

438. Fixed. Notifications in Timeline / Blog if logged in user has no posts to show.

439. Fixed. Notifications in Timeline if there are no posts to show.

454. Fixed. Email verification link for users who sign up with newsletter subscription.

VER 1.1.7 (2019/07/02)

3. New. Newsletters are now sent to users who opt in.

143. New. User ability to edit and delete comments left on posts.

353. New. ‘Post Media’ shortcuts in the user Timeline and Blog feeds.

393. Fixed. Issue that prevented user from saving site and email notifications.

394. Fixed. ‘Remember Me’ function restored to Login window.

395. Fixed. Server related speed issues.

396. Fixed. Server related login issues.

397. Fixed. Changed user emails to Slushe noreply email in forum reply email notifications.

398. Fixed. Reduced mobile screen display size to display buttons correctly.

400. Fixed. Issue that redirected users to admin login page if post title contained the word ‘admin’. 

401. Fixed. Server related 520 error. 

405. Fixed. Issue that prevented videos from playing on Android devices.

408. Fixed. Age verification pop-up delay.

410. Fixed. Thumbnail image generation for video post.

413. Fixed. Spelling error in email notification for ‘Someone favorited your post’.

414. Fixed. Tag search results.

418. Fixed. Artists page search results.

VER. 1.1.6 (2019/05/24)

220. New. Categories in the post editor are listed in two columns instead of one. 

243. New. Users can now upload a 2 minute video.

246. New. Newsletter added to users profile page.  Users can opt in/out to receive various categories or opt out completely.

271. New. Resend verification email option added to Admin Panel > Users > User Account below the Email Verification field.

392. New. Videos now loop automatically.

219. Fixed. Forum reply notifications are now sent to user email addresses.  

229. Fixed. If you log into your account after clicking a button that triggers an action, you remain on the same page instead of being redirected to your profile page. 

263. Fixed. If you click a button while using a mobile, you remain in the place instead of being redirected to the top of the page. 

295. Fixed. Replying with a quote on the forum. 

383. Fixed. Forum reply email notifications now contain a direct link to the reply. 

386. Fixed. Search results on the Artists page now include artists without posts. 

387. Fixed. ‘Read More’ option on user profile description is fixed. 

389. Fixed. If a video is deleted, it is now removed from the CDN as well. 

VER. 1.1.5 (2019/05/03)

244. Fixed. Height of the ‘Compose’ and ‘Reply’ box on the Message page.

332. Fixed. Similar posts same category results are more diverse. Author’s own posts do not appear. 

VER. 1.1.4 (2019/04/24)

306. Fixed. Similar posts same category excludes posts made by the same author. 

323. Fixed. Deleted posts still showing in My Favorites Works on profile page.

326. Fixed. Artists search filters both work: ‘available for work’ and ‘media type’.  

242. Fixed. Padding of profile description.

343. Fixed. Favorites list displays posts from new to old. 

377. Fixed. Issue that caused search and tag search results to be blank.

379. Fixed. Captcha failure message when entering password with special symbols during registration. 

381. Fixed. Captcha failure message when entering correct answer.

382. Fixed. Added ‘project work’ as an option for ‘available for work’. 


VER. 1.1.3 (2019/04/09)

45. Fixed. "Make New Thread" and "Reply to thread" are made into pink buttons.

170. Fixed. Default forum avatar is gender neutral.

192. Fixed. Categories drop-down menu stays closed after moving away from it and back up. 

218. Fixed. “Ban” option for forum moderators  says “Ban” when you hover the cursor over it.

363. Fixed. User name in comments.

367. Fixed. Pages that don’t exist and filtered category pages have appropriate messages.  

369. Fixed. Links of posts with opt-in category no longer say ‘Page Not Found’ when linked in Discord, Skype, etc. 

371. Fixed. Profile views counter doesn’t include profile owner’s personal views. 

372. Fixed. Posts with opt-in category have breadcrumbs Home / Filtered Content instead of Home / Page Not Found. 

376. Fixed. Filtered category posts show as regular links when shared. 

VER. 1.1.2 (2019/03/31)

364. New. Profile views counter.

352. New. If user has not posted anything, profile shows the content in their Timeline. (Content of artists they follow)

VER. 1.1.1. (2019/03/20)

292. New. Ability to drag thumbnail images to different location inside post.

161. Fixed. Thumbs display on 4k screen. 

293. Fixed. Fixed Width Blog View is default view setting.

325. Fixed. No more 60 second waiting time to post comments.

327. Fixed. Older posts show up in tag search results.

335. Fixed. Additional tags for existing posts are searchable.

336. Fixed. Tag search no longer shows unrelated results. 

355. Fixed. New homepage gallery page opens at the top of the gallery.

358. Fixed. Posts with multiple images don’t say ‘show’ under each image anymore.

359. Fixed. Thumbnail images in post media window. 

360. Fixed. Page 2+ gap on right hand side of 4k screens. 

361. Fixed. No more 60 second waiting time to send messages. 

362. Fixed. Run script to make old tags searchable. 

366. Fixed. Login ‘remember me’ session. 

VER. 1.1.0. (2019/03/15)

337. New. Site notification sound effect.

252. Fixed. Pagination on mobile. 

259. Fixed. Thumbnail images in media upload window. 

291. Fixed. Thumbnail images in homepage gallery. 

330. Fixed. User returns to correct previous page after clicking the ‘back’ browser button. 

333. Fixed. Posts with 2 images show both images in Fixed Width Blog View. 

334. Fixed. Search results are sorted from most recent to oldest posts. 

336. Fixed. Tag search returns results for specific phrases. 

339. Fixed. Profile view settings for posts in Timeline and Blog.

340. Fixed. \ no longer appears after entering ‘ “ when submitting without image.

341. Fixed. Social media / website logos of profile icons. 

VER. 1.0.9. (2019/03/07)

284. New. User profile URLs. 

290. New. Fixed Width Blog View. 

313. New. Messages counter and Inbox page makeover. 

321. New. Link to email & site notification settings on Site Notifications page.

318. Fixed. Issue with multi-image posts that wouldn’t retain featured image changes.

319. Fixed. Notifications counter is moved to the right side of the account holder icon. 

322. Fixed. Issue with posts older than 19 Feb not retaining text changes. 

VER. 1.0.8. (2019/02/22)

245. New. Email notifications for user with option to opt in or opt out. 

296. New. Replies to comments show as in-app notifications and redirect directly to comment.

302. New. Comments show as in-app notifications and redirect directly to comment.

307. New. In-app notifications for user with option to opt in or opt out.

228. Fixed. Issue with the use of quote mark in user’s title causing ‘/’ to appear. 

314. Fixed. Missing artist in search results of Artists page.

316. Fixed. Homepage galleries display posts no older than 21 days.

320. Fixed. Thumbnail image display of gif images. 

VER. 1.0.7. (2019/02/15)

256. New. Limit Most Likes, Most Views, Most Discussed to highest count in the last 60 days.

269. New. Similar posts same category.

285. New. ‘Featured’ indicator for published posts in the admin panel. 

294 / 297. New. ‘Member Since’ date indicator on user profile.

251. Fixed. Forum poll options have been expanded to 10 options; ‘Cancel’ button added. 

273. Fixed. ‘Subscribe’ button position on mobile browser. 

286. Fixed. Versioning to css file so users no longer need to clear cache to see site changes on the live site. 

287. Fixed. Missing images on Supro’s post.

299. Fixed. Dates on user’s Blog posts.

300. Fixed. Optimized query for Most Likes to stabilize the site. 

VER 1.0.6. (2019/02/01)

116. New. Content category filter. 

250. New. Badge system for user profiles.

268. New. Latest Works for artist profiles. 

275. New. Category content filter layout.  

282. New. Founders Badge for users who registered before the end of January and who have submitted at least 3 posts. 

260. Fixed. Stats display right-aligned, with comma for all thousands.

267. Fixed. Display order of user’s Favorite Works. 

283. Fixed. Mobile version of User Menu.

VER 1.0.5. (2019/01/21) 

249. New. Poll type post in Upload Media. 

248. Fixed. Increased character limit for post title to 100 characters.

253. Fixed. Emails through Contact Form are set to Reply To email address. 

254. Fixed. Post title, description, categories, tags, filter are auto-saved.

No number. Changed the look of ‘Upload Media’ window. 

265. Fixed. Search user text field stays visible in downsized browser window. 

266. Fixed. Tag searchability.

267. New. Changed Upload Media to Post Media. 

VER 1.0.4 (2019/01/17)

189 New. Image slideshow for gallery posts.

191  New. Age verification screen.

235. New. Private and Hidden modes. 

247. New. Imgur is now an accepted image source.

172. Fixed. Comment moves down to where user wishes to comment. 

179. Fixed. Profile Stats reorganized.

214  Fixed. Edit option for forum polls. 

215 Fixed. Forum polls display.

222. Fixed. Lists thumbnail uploader.

227. Fixed. Follow button responsives after using browser back button.

234 Fixed. Database error caused by usage of ‘ symbol in Title / Description fields of media uploader. 

VER 1.0.3 (2019/01/10)

162 New. Remember Me implemented on Login

171 New. Large 'My Profile' button at the top right of the site

195 New. If user has not uploaded any gallery posts, profile page redirects to timeline tab instead of blog tab

173. Fixed. Similar posts by same artist thumbnails display from new to old

174. Fixed. Similar posts by same artist no longer includes thumbnail of post that is currently being viewed 

196 Fixed. Select up to 15 categories for gallery posts 

177 Fixed. Gallery View on Artists page replaced with Blog View

181 Fixed. 'Upload Media' and 'My Profile' buttons display fully even in minimized browser windows 

VER 1.0.2 (2019/01/05)

New. Preview of profile avatar

New. Preview of profile top banner

New. Site confirmation after successfully uploading profile avatar

New. Site confirmation after successfully uploading profile top banner

New. Option to delete profile avatar

New. Option to delete profile top banner 

New. ‘Follow’ button on artist’s page

Fixed. Links pointing to test.slushe.com removed  

Fixed. Pagination on Categories page

Fixed. Brightness of homepage menu icons  

Fixed. Only artists with at least 1 media upload display on Artists page 

Fixed. Comments section replies

Fixed. Large gaps between media page images removed

Fixed. Superscript and Subscript in text editor

Fixed. Image thumbnails cropping size

Fixed. ‘Follow’ button functionality

Fixed. User’s Lists page displays List creator’s profile

Fixed. Social media icons open in new window

VER. 1.0.1 (2018/12/29)

New. Content Security Policy implemented 

New. Backup and content delivery systems updated 

New. Upload Media - thumbnails of images added

New. Upload Media - option to select featured image added

New. Upload Media - option to delete images added

New. Media page multiple image display 

Fixed. Text formatting options in media posts and forum posts

Fixed. Ability to Follow artists while browser window is on full screen for users with resolutions larger than 1920x1080

Fixed. Ability to Message artists while browser window is on full screen for users with resolutions larger than 1920x1080

Fixed. Redundant options in search and site pages disabled 

VER. 1.0 (2018/12/22)

New. Profile gender options added

New. Profile social media and website fields added 

New. Media post editor - image uploader added 

New. Media post editor - thumbnails of images added 

New. Media post editor - option to select featured image added 

New. Media post editor - option to delete images added 

Fixed. Profile - avatar dimensions

Fixed. Profile - Info tab fields reorganized  

Fixed. Profile URLs 

Fixed. Media uploader Description and Tags fields optional instead of required

Fixed. Auto-approval for gallery posts

Fixed. ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons appear in Timeline and Blog tabs

Fixed. Likes, Favorites, Lists appear as notifications in Comments section

Fixed. Media post editor - Title, Description, Categories, Tags fields retain input