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Site Rules


The intent of Slushe is to be a home to artists wishing to share and promote 2D and 3D adult art of their own creation. The goal of the site is to be as unrestrictive as possible, however there is some content which we will not host for a variety of reasons. The following content is forbidden from Slushe:

Content You Did Not Create Slushe serves primarily as a place for artists to share content of their own creation. It is not intended as a place for fans to share art they have found elsewhere on the Internet. If you want to share the art of another artist, you can link to it in a blog post, or, if the content has already been uploaded to Slushe by the artist themself, use Slushe’s reblogging and list features. Exceptions are made for official representatives of the artist, or collaborative partners of an artist sharing content with permission.

As of May 2022, an additional exception is made for content originating from Second Life. Artistic Second Life screenshots and videos are allowed on Slushe, provided that the content complies with our Site Rules. Please note however that Slushe was originally intended to be a platform for artists who create original adult content, either from scratch (3D modeling, hand drawing, etc.) or by developing raw assets into an original character or scene with a unique style (using software like Daz Studio or Blender). While we recognize Second Life users can customize their characters and scenes to some extent, the uniqueness of the style is restricted by the parameters of the game. We wish to remain respectful to the work 2D and 3D artists put into honing their skills and creating their art. Therefore, users may post Second Life content while being aware that:

- Second Life content must be assigned the ‘Second Life’ category as well as a ‘second life’ tag when you submit it to Slushe.

- The ‘Second Life’ category is an opt-in category on Slushe. It is not enabled by default. Users decide whether they want to enable it or not.

- Second Life content is not eligible to be featured on Slushe’s Homepage.

- Second Life content is not eligible to be featured as a Media Highlight in Slushe’s official blog posts or social media posts.

Photography and Film While we acknowledge that photographed and filmed media of live models and performers can be art, Slushe believes there are already plenty of sites dedicated to the hosting of this type of content. Photographs and film may be linked and embedded in blog posts to support the blog’s written content, but this content must be hosted elsewhere. Exceptions can be made for non-focal elements (e.g. background or setting) provided you either own the image, or have the right to use it.

Artwork Depicting Real Life People Artwork that depicts real life people is not allowed on Slushe. Any content bearing a resemblance to a real life person in appearance, name, or any other identifiable attributes will be removed from the site.

Child and Underage Pornography No form of child pornography, or underage pornography (e.g. lolicon, shotacon), is allowed on Slushe. Underage is defined as under the age of 18. Any visual or written content depicting an underage character, or even a character that appears underage, is forbidden.
This rule also includes underaged characters that are nude or dressed suggestively, or posed suggestively.
Also do not use #TAG's Like; Loli, Lolicon, lolita, Shotacon, Shota etc, where the tag suggests the imagery contains Child/underage pornography.
's that link to offsite locations that contain suggestible content, are not permitted.

Snuff, Gore, and Extreme Violence While some users may consider snuff, gore, vore, extreme violence, and extreme body mutilation to be porn, we do not. This includes Self harm, suicide, cannibalism, dolcett and promotion of the aforementioned.

Incest Having sexual intercourse with a parent, sibling, child, or grandparent. This is not permitted in We do however recognize that roleplay is a thing, and this will be considered when dealing with posts that have incestual content. Step relations (Stepparent, sibling, etc.) does not come under the banner of incest, and will be permitted. Remember that all characters must be depicted as being 18 years of age or older.

If you come across any of the above content while on Slushe, please report it.

Because of the nature of pornography, politics, and the Internet, the owners of Slushe cannot promise everlasting invincibility to the laws of every jurisdiction or changing interpretation of those laws. As such, we may be forced to alter our site rules in the future to keep it running for the majority of our users. In such an event, we will do our best to notify any affected artists with ample time to arrange alternative hosting options.


Please be respectful of Slushe and its users so we can continue to be a home to adult artists now and in the future. To help Slushe stay up and running, the following activities are forbidden:

Breaking the Law Do not use Slushe for unlawful activity.

Harassment and Abuse Do not harass or abuse other users.

Hate Speech For any hate speech not already forbidden by rule 1, the rest is forbidden by this rule. Our definition of Hate Speech is as follows: 'A person, by a public act, must not incite hatred towards a person or group of persons on the grounds of race, disability, sexual orientation, gender or religion'.

Spamming or flooding the site Don't publish numerous posts in a short period of time or post the same content repeatedly. Don't leave repetitive comments on other people's pages. Don't repeatedly message people without their consent. If you engage in spam-like behavior your account may be suspended.

Commercial Activity Slushe may be used to find and hire artists for commissions as well as freelance, part-time, and full-time work. All other commercial activity on the site is currently forbidden. Links to commercial sites in the description are OK, however extensive promotional posts are not eligible as a feature, or media highlight.

Impersonation Don’t pretend to be other people. This includes holding multiple accounts for the purpose of vote, rating, comment, view, and other metric manipulation.

Incorrect categorizing and tagging Do not purposefully miscategorize or tag your content with categories and tags that do not match it.

Transmitting malicious content Do not upload, link, or otherwise transmit data with the intent to harm the site or its users.

Breaking the site Don’t purposefully break the site or otherwise exploit any weaknesses you discover. If there is a bug, please report it.

If you witness any of these behaviors while using Slushe, please report it.