Super Secret Project reveal! :D

Oct 16, 2019
3DX artists, have we got some exciting news for YOU!

Meipe and I have been working on this new product for a while (well, mostly Meipe ;) ) and I'm very excited to be able to post these teaser images.

It's the most morphable and poseable Strapless Dildo prop ever, Strapless Futalicious! This prop comes in wearable format so you never need to worry about alignment, works and plays well with all vaginal props (works best with Golden Palace) AND has hand held versions as well as a standalone prop version!!!

Meipe has included all his Futalicious shapes, horsey shapes and some new monster shapes! We've even developed a highly adjustable VIBRATION effect!

So if you love working with Futalicious but are looking for something different for your favorite girls to play with, Strapless Futalicious will be your favorite new toy! :D

Additionally, at Thunder-3D we've created a big new pose set that works not just with the new Strapless Futalicious, but also classic Futalicious geograft! It's like 2 pose sets in one!

More teasers of the pose set coming soon!

Prop and poses available soon!

(For those hoping to use Strapless Futalicious IN Futalicious/Roasty, we've got something extra amazing coming next month ;) )

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