Vote: Which out fit do you prefer for Sayako in Fan Service?

Jul 16, 2021

Poll: Which out fit do you like for Sayako in Fan Service?

There's a number of image sets in the works at my Patreon, one of which is called Fan Service. It's time to decide what outfit Sayako will be wearing in Fan Service! As we've mentioned before, the story setup for this upcoming image set is that Sayako will be attending a concert for her favorite musician, Anette.

The events in Fan service won't be canon - so they won't connect to the main G4E plotline. So please don't worry if you think some of the outfits don't fit Sayako's personality! Just pick the ones you love!

Even though this is originally a Patreon vote, we want to know how the Slushe audience may differ in taste and opinion. Let me know what outfit you like best from the 4 options labeled in the last two images.

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