Working on creating a supporting cast

Jun 20, 2019

So a good story requires more than just a main cast. After all, you can't just have your main characters inhabit a world populated by no one else. Then it starts to feel constrained, and unrealistic. Of course you can work more with extras, which is definitely something I wanted to do, but there's also people who show their faces only every now and again. People whose stories you don't necessarily follow, but -are- relevant to the people whose stories you do.

Taylor is one such girl. Breanna needs a larger circle of friends, and Taylor represents the beginning. We're going to see her in future releases, but rarely if never outside of Breanna's company.

Then again, never say never. Say hi to Lust Unleashed's alt girl! The thumbnail render from this post is from a recently released softcore set I did for Patreon, which is fifteen renders with Taylor and Breanna. Available from $5, so go check it out!

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