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Tessa's Gambit (Full)

Jan 04, 2020

Today I have something very very special for you, something a little different. Please enjoy this dramatic reading of a romance novel excerpt. Co-written by myself and Etaski, inspired by the art of Gazukull, and voiced by four great voice actors (Aero_Buddy, BordeauxBlack, MissMoonified and FatBoiiPanda).

Usually I want people to approach my work as they see fit, but this time I am going to ask you to please view the vid (or listen to it), and stick with it to the end (almost 8 minutes). I don't want you to miss the romance.

I cannot adequately describe how much fun I had working on this project. I got to learn a few new tricks and met some great new people along the way. I hope you come to enjoy this piece as much as I do.

A longer version of the script, if people want more context to the story ->

The VA script less the intro/outro, in case a VA wants to take on the script for their own purposes ->

For clarity, if you are a voice actor and want to take on this script for fun or as content fodder, have at it. I would only ask that you link back to the original post and credit those who did the original work (those listed above, and me).

Enjoy :)
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