A Hard Challenge

Sep 24, 2021

When Evelyn started streaming she quickly gathered a sizable fanbase. Her viewers loved her for her relaxed attitude, honesty and most importantly, unlike most female streamers, for being herself and not pretending to be someone else. Evi played various games on her channel but First Person Shooters was where she excelled. Her skills were praised even among male players. She often hosted private matches with both her friends and viewers. One day however, one of the players proved to be particularly toxic. When Evi finally got her 30th frag without dying and dropped a Nuke on his team to teach him some respect he only said: "Yeah, now do that again with my dick in your pussy." and left. Evi didin't care much about trash talk, however his comment gave her an idea. She knew that a new streaming platform launched recently targeted mostly towards females that were unsatisfied with constantly unclear community guidelines on other platforms. It wouldn't be a problem to move there since her community would follow her pretty much everywhere at this point, it also shouldn't be a problem to ask her boyfriend to invite few of his friends over as a potential backup, finally she was always open about her sexuality and was not afraid to show a bit more which even resulted in a bunch of warnings for her channel in the past. Finally it would be first such challenge in the streaming world, and she loved challenges...

I know, I know... I was supposed to be away for just one month, unfortunately when I came back I had to take care of bunch of IRL stuff which took longer than expected. Anyway I had this idea that I wanted to come to life for a while, so when I saw the new contest I knew that I just cannot pass on such occasion. This actually took far longer than expected, probably more than all my previous works combined. I basically had to make three decent looking screenshots and then pack them into a believable looking stream page. Lots of playing around and arranging things but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. As you can see I went full meme on certain things and packed a few 'easter eggs' here and there. You might want to view it in the original resolution to see everything. So, yeah, I hope you like it. Still got a few things to take care of IRL but I should be back with another creation soon. For now, enjoy!

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