Milla- Special Permission

May 20, 2019

All Models Depicted Are 18+

"I say Milla, me old mucker!"

"Ummm...what ho, me old chip!"



"It's chap, not chip."

"I like chip better!"

"Do I look like a chip?"


"What? Moving on"

"What's a mocker?"

"A what?"

"A mocker, you just called me one"

"No, it's mucker."

"That's even worse! That sounds like fu..."

"It's not! Lets drop it please."

"Hee hee. OK."

"How did you get in here?"

"In here? Through the door, silly!."

"Well, yes, that is a given since I used the same method? This is Rada's room, I've never seen it unlocked."

"I have the key."

"Stone the crows! I own the building and I don't have the key. How did you get it?"


"She gave it to you? Why?"

"Because I am meeee!"

"I guess that is one good reason, but does not fully explain it."

"I wanted to try her favourite place"

"Ok, I can see that."

"It's nice."

"That's good"

"The rug is sooo much softer than it looks"

"Also good...but isn't this room booby-tra..."

"You won't get carpet burn at all!"

"Come again?"

"I hope so!"

"I...where's me tablets"

"Ana told you to look after me, me old chip! I need looking after!"





"Tally ho!"

This, my dear Slushe followers, will probably be hideously out of context, as both the image and the time frame of the text dates back to around this time last year. The ongoing RP with my girls is something that started long before i began to post here.

I had completely forgotten about it and found it and it's sister image by accident last week.

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