Warrior Of Light

Dec 26, 2019

All Models Depicted Are 18+ and would like to show you just where the light shines out of...

She was popular enough the first time, she deserved a second run and I put a little more effort into this one.

How have you all been? It's been a good three weeks or more since I spent anytime in the software or around this site. Really do need the occasional long break from things to avoid burning out.

Not that I have  been sitting completely idle...just mostly idle biggrin.gif

I have had the odd tinker. I may have come up with Spring. Doing a test render of her tonight to see how she looks at high res and have added a couple of Winter images to my private collection, but otherwise I have not done much 3d related. Been very refreshing.

Time to get back on the horse...or naked 3d girl as it were and start to be productive again.

I couldn't think of anything in particular to do so did a quick slap together job using the same morph asset provided by TritiumCG as featured a few weeks back. Gave her a bit of armor (just a bit =p.gif) this time. I considered also putting white wings on her but it was kind of wonky to do and I wasn't feeling like putting a huge amount of work into making it happen so she is as she is.

As mentioned, may have Spring ready, so maybe in a few days you'll meet her pending any changes I may want to make after seeing her rendered properly. I may also have finally come up with  Milla image I feel happy enough to post (maybe, it's also rendering tonight see how it looks when it's done) I love that girl dearly but man she has been nothing but trouble to get into a scene for a few months now. I don't know why, she has just been difficult.

Want to do a new Erin image as well, see how much time I get before the weekend when I lose a few more days to family things. Erin is still just so damn gorgeous and remains one of my most popular images. Then I will try and fix that Summer image I half abandoned a couple of months ago or make a new one after I see if Spring is going to work out and do her debut nude.

So much to catch up on here as well, won't have time tonight as it is already late and I just want to settle in and watch a movie or some porn or hentai or see what ever takes my fancy....

Something like 2800 notifications to sort out over thenext couple of days. Will try and get through all my watch list and fav what I can though don't expect  many comments as that will just take days lol.

That's all I got for now.

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