Apr 28, 2021

Valentine’s day is about to come over humanity, a day full of romance and love — even in dark(er) times.

Although also we, the Inner Circle of the Society of Lust, had some dark times in the past years, we stayed strong and struggled together in friendship to bring our dreams into fulfillment. However, this is not a post about struggling and fighting dark times or a bland history recap of our past misfortunes.

Instead, we want to bring a glimpse of romance, love, and lewdness into this dark world by sharing our past two Lewd Stories of Trinity with you— once more.

As you might know, both kinetic visual novels were created with a prototype version of our self-developed game engine. This outdated version is non-functional with Windows 10 after some changes MS made with .NET Framework. And while we are still working on implementing some needed features to our game engine, it is already able to handle a lot of game types without any issue.

But for the time being, we decided to republish both LewdStories of Trinity with the Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine at itch.io.

And what better time could there be to do this than around Valentine’s Day? — ...

I recently created and posted an image of Giulia, one of the characters from our game projects set in the Trinity-verse.

Initially, it was just a fun render, as I felt that I was too obsessed with our Laura and should capture some of the other girls on camera before they punish me again. Followers of our Patreon might remember.

I did that image of Giulia late at night and only realized later — when I rendered her daughter — that her skin has way too much orange peel and a strange mark where the torso's and legs' textures meet. Naturally, I fixed it and re-rendered Giulia.

As I already said — I rendered Tizia too. And I did not stop there; I asked every single woman dear to Dante to take place on that seat.

And so, I create the X-Seat Series.

Have fun discovering them one after the other.


Sincerely yours,



Jan 07, 2021