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Transport to Vamp's Terminal Combat Island

Nov 30, 2021

.. these two nasty Vamps are being sent to Terminal Island ...

... to VAMP IT OUT!  Bloody Fangs Claws and Sharp Boney BIG Clits --- Vampyre-Style.  The Big Pumpkin Vampyre Babe or "Vomen" from Planet Swammpierra, is being employed by the Royals of Vamp-SUD to Referee this Extreme CatFight Sexfight flesh ripping catball to the true death, unless one gives. 

They are interesting A-Sexual Creatures, with huge clits or Big Dicks :) 

The Vomen themselves are of only one sex[sorta] Their mating ritual is pretty rough and it is hard to tell if they are fucking or fighting.  After one of them [or both] wins or loses, they may both lay an egg [up to three] 

The eggs are then placed in a big egg sack or cocoon, and the happy Mommy/Daddy waits until they hatch.

When they come out they are real fucking hungry, so he/ske will have a hut full of food wating for them, plus well engorged tits.  

[WARNING- they love to fuck over Space Privateers and have been known to fuck them to death :( ] 

As for the transport. The Big Powerful Vomen Babe really does not have to do a thing.  They have both agreed to a no rules fight to a possible true death.   OUCH

she is just relaxing while the fully auto push balls do all the rowing for her/him/he/she/it???!!!!   Sorry I forgot to ask her/him/etc what pronoun the Vomen prefered ... goes by the name Jacky, so that's a big help :( 

... enjoy, I will put up more stills from the animation I will be working on for a 2022 release.  

Another fine FetishClown custom LOL. 

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