Steampunk 2021 Contest winner interview

Jun 29, 2021

Congratulations on winning the Steampunk contest, Klodow. You’ve given us a taste of the fun and fortunes of a sexy steampunk adventure. Tell us a little about the inspiration for your piece.

The steampunk render is a funny one. I didn't want to do one for this contest because I hate the steampunk theme. But my partner really pushed me to do something and work where I am not comfortable.

The "style" was inspired by Valkyria Chronicles, a video game. I wanted to show an older soldier bringing some "supplies" to the soldiers on the front, like in the Vietnam War where they would bring entertainers to motivate the troops! I hope you got that from the picture!


How long have you been making 3DX art? How did you get started?

I've been doing 3D since 2018, 3 years, more or less.

I started because I learned about porn games and really wanted to do one myself, and since I don't know how to draw, I learned how to do stuff with my computer.

At the time I was really impressed by Smerinka's work (And still am!) and shifted really quickly to something a bit more "cartoony".


Describe your creative process. What tools do you use, and what do you draw inspiration from?

About my "creative process", I'm doing all my renders with Daz3d, and do a lot of post in Photoshop. For the render itself I always try to do 2 things:

First a little "story" for the picture. I don't really enjoy doing renders with just a girl doing nothing.

Second, the picture need to be funny, at least for me! I try to do more "serious" stuff, but I don't really like it.

Lastly, for inspiration in the 3dx scene, I really like Katie3dx and Jared999d. I try to emulate them sometimes but fail every time!

Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you. I don't really have a "setting" like sci-fi or fantasy that I enjoy more than another.

I don't think that I put a lot of myself in my renderings besides the fact that I like strong women!


The Valkyria Chronicles reference makes sense. The style and textures you use reminded me of a scale model diorama, and I got that impression from Valkyria’s art style as well. Is this a style you are developing for the game you want to make? Are you in production for the game yet?

Not at all. As you imagine, it's different to render a nice picture and do hundreds of them and multiple animations. Right now I'm trying to find the balance between beauty and simplicity.

Otherwise yes, I'm in "pre-production." I want to do a quality game, with nice girls, gameplay, and funny stories!

I don't want to tell you too much for fear of jinxing it! I will soon create a Twitter for anyone interested in the project, but I'm very bad with social media!


Do you listen to music or watch something in the background while you create? If so, what do you enjoy most?

Absolutely.  Most of the time I watch US streamers.


What is your favorite fantasy that you can only show through your art?

This is a tough question; I don't have any tangible fantasy. I like a woman's curves and strong eye contact, but nothing that I can't experience in reality!

I'm sorry to disappoint. I'm really a vanilla kind of guy!


Elayn: Vanilla is never a disappointment. We seem to say it in a negative way, but there's real magic there. It compliments every other flavor of sweetness.

Do you have any advice for artists and writers; generally, and specific to 3DX?

It's really pretentious for me to give advice, since I feel like I'm far from a complete "artist," but I will try!


For artists, try to wait a couple of days before posting anything, to see it with a fresh set of eyes and to really understand if it's a nice picture worthy of posting to the world.

If you do not you will end up with some picture that you are a bit ashamed of (trust me!).

I don't have a lot of experience in writing, so I'm not the best one to ask. Sorry!

For artists in 3DX, the best advice is to try new stuff. Some of my more liked pictures are stuff that I didn't have a lot of faith in, because it was a new thing for me.

For more down to earth advice, try avoiding any clipping. Hair and hands are the obvious ones.


What themes do you want to explore in the future?

I'm a big fan of Star Trek and X-files, so I would like to do something with this in the future. I also want to do something ultra toon, in the spirit of Stardew Valley, in the near future.

Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Well, I'm really happy that people find my work interesting! I really want to work more for them and become a better "artist."

Thanks to Slushe for this nice website too! 

And thank you too, Elayn, for taking the time to do this interview.

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